Community Standards

Community Standards for Content and Comments.

At UnBatch we want everyone to be able to express themselves in a fun and safe environment.

Following the below community standards will keep your account from being deactivated.

Accounts, comments and uploads that violate these standards will be removed from the UnBatch platform.

If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact [email protected]

Do Not Post:

Nudity and Pornography: Photographs, gifs and videos depicting nudity, sexual poses or acts, even if censored are not allowed.
Note: hot/sexy pictures, GIFs, and videos are allowed as long as they show no nudity or explicit sex acts.
Sex Acts: Persons may not be engaged in a sexual act with someone else or themselves, even if clothed.
Cropped Porn: Scenes from pornographic videos, gifs and photos cannot be posted, even if cropped to exclude nudity.
Bodily Fluids: Images and videos may not contain bodily fluids, including: vomit, semen, urine & feces.
Animal Genitalia: Photos and videos of animal cannot feature close-ups of animal genitalia or having sex.
Child Exploitation: People who are under the age of 18 may not appear nude, in a sex act or sexualized pose. All minors must be covered with articles of clothing and may not use “censors” or objects to cover nudity.
Child Endangerment: Videos or photos that show adults beating or disciplining children will be removed.
Drug Sales: Don’t be a moron, using UnBatch to sell contraband materials and narcotics is forbidden.
Note: Drug use can be shown if it is used in a meme or a funny context.
Harassment: Uploads that single out a user by name to insult, demean or humiliate: them, their family or a group they belong to.
Threats: Content designed to intimidate a person or group by any means including, doxxing, murder or injury, rape, harassment, etc.
Cyberbullying: Do not post content that calls out another user by name with the purpose of abusing them.
Doxxing: Posting information about an individual without their permission, including, but not limited to, phone numbers, addresses, location and ip addresses.
Hate Speech: A direct attack based on a person’s or group’s background made to insult, demean or dehumanize them.
Bots: Posts made by “non-person entities” will be removed, regardless of content.
Hateful Propaganda: Users cannot upload visual or written content that: acts to recruit users into their violent political movement or makes claims about a group’s religious, racial, ethnic, cultural, physical or intellectual superiority or inferiority.
Content with the “N” Word: Content with complete spellings of “n*gger” will be rejected.
Gore: Content that contains images of death, serious injuries, blood, wounds and self harm.
Animals: Images and videos showing dead animals, animals being killed or seriously injured.
Self Harm: Photos and videos of self inflicted injuries.
Weapon Creation: Content cannot teach users how to make weapons, such as bombs or homemade guns.
Ads: Posts offering the sale of services or goods.
Nudes: Posts that solicit, advertise, promote the sale of or exchange of nude photography or other explicit content.
Spam: Comments that promote services, sell products or drive traffic to 3rd party sites.
Sharing Personal Information: Do not share personal information like address, location, phone numbers or ip addresses in comments.

The tl;dr version:

No porn.
No pixelated or low quality images.
No pictures with watermarks from other websites.
No copyright infringements.
No racism.
No violence or animal abuse.
No spams or scams or Ponzi schemes.
No personal attacks.
No posting of personal information.
No child exploitation.
No soliciting sex.
Try not to do dumb sh*t and you will be ok.

Further info or to report behavior –  [email protected]

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