How The Heck Did Omi In A Hellcat Make So Much Money? The $50 Million Man!

omi in a hellcat - self made millionaire

In October 2019, a team of federal agents swooped down on a large home (mansion) in Chase Court, Swedesboro. A group of curious onlookers, concerned and petrified neighbors and approximately 30-luxury cars in the driveway, stood watching as the drama unfolded. To most, it may have appeared to be a massive operation. The feds were armed, wearing bullet proof jackets and approached the premises with their guns drawn according to eyewitness accounts. 

But they weren’t there looking for a hiding fugitive, a drug dealer or Bin Laden even. They were there to conduct a raid on ‘Omi in a Hellcat’. 

‘Hellcat /ˈhɛlkat/ ~ noun – a spiteful, violent woman’

In case you are wondering, that’s the social media handle for Omar Carrasquillo, a YouTuber and influencer with an estimated net worth of $50-million! We bet your jaw just dropped on the floor. 

The diamond-clad Dominican who looks like a hip-hop music mogul has a special love for Dodge Hellcats as made apparent from his handle. Omi has 758K subscribers on YouTube and more than 426,000 followers on Instagram. 

The question is, how did Omar Carrasquillo, who was once a pizza delivery boy, turn into Omi in a Hellcat, a multimillionaire with investments in real estate, night clubs & construction?

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about. 


We’ve noticed that a lot of self-made millionaires have very mysterious pasts. Mysterious is the wrong word maybe. There’s very little data available in the public domain about their childhood and growing up years. 

Ben Mallah is a case in point. That’s exactly the case with Omi too. All that we know is that he was born on 6th August 1986 in Philadelphia to Julio Carrasquillo & Soledad Diaz. His father apparently was a popular real estate dealer and held a portfolio with multiple properties in Philly. All that we could find about him is an obituary column from a funeral home dated Feb 2020. Not sure if it’s really him though. 

His mother apparently suffered from addiction. Once again, there’s no clarity about what kind of addiction. So young Omar’s custody was handed over to his pop and his step mom. That’s quite rough on most kids. That pretty much sums up what anybody knows about his childhood and his family.

Although Omi has mentioned his father’s recent passing as well as his brother. He has moved away from sharing about his family and more towards motivating his subscribers.

From $5/hour to $1-Million/month

Before his foray into entrepreneurship, Omi in a Hellcat tried his hands at a billion different things. His first job paid him a measly $5 an hour. 


Pizza delivery – Omar’s first job according to him was delivering pizzas for $5 an hour. He worked for 5-years as a Pizza delivery driver and then decided to try his hands at other things for obvious reasons. 

Drug Dealing – There’s little information on how he got into drug dealing. But that’s not really rocket science, is it? All we know is that he sold drugs on the street and in 2014, he was robbed. This changed his outlook towards business. He hit rock bottom and spent a few weeks depressed. 

Firesticks – That’s when the next idea struck him, modded FireSticks and Kodi sticks. He had previously sold DVDs for a living. But when DVDs went obsolete, Firesticks started to rise in popularity. 

In an interview to fellow YouTuber ‘Say Cheese TV’, Omar mentions that he started to make a lot of money with Kodi sticks. Kodi was huge back then. He could easily pick up a preloaded stick for $50 and flip it for $150 on Craigslist. At that time, he just had 10-15K in savings. But the firestick business just exploded. 

Before long, he alleges that he was making $5000 a week. 

Note – There are some reports online that claim that he released a single called ‘Cheerleader’ which became a worldwide hit. That’s untrue. The song was sung by a Jamaican singer called Omi. It’s not the same guy. 

Omi In a Hellcat Success Pic

Gears Unloaded & crushing the cable TV monopoly

The golden rule of every business is that when you find a winning business model, you scale it. That’s what Omar wanted to do as well. There was a problem though. There were only so many individuals that he could sell physical Firesticks to, one by one. So he thought of a better way to distribute content for a small markup. 

In 2016, he launched an IPTV streaming app named ‘Gears Unloaded’. This was not his first internet venture. He had developed and sold mobile apps before. 

IPTV streaming apps are hugely popular because of the obvious cost advantage that they offer. Look around on Play Store and Apple App Store and you will discover thousands of apps that offer everything from latest Hollywood blockbusters to paid sporting events, for pennies. 

There’s a catch though. The legality of IPTV streaming apps is a grey area in the United States, for both, users as well as sellers. 

Ask the average user and they probably wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what’s legal and illegal. One popular theory is that since the service is streamed on the internet and you are not making a copy, it’s not illegal to watch. But you might still have copies of the content in your browser cache. The possibilities of the feds cracking down on you because of a browser cookie are remote. But hey, it’s still pirated content. 

The general consensus says that it’s copyright infringement and could lead you down a rabbit hole of legal problems. Europe is more explicit in stating that you are breaking the law. Recently, cops in the UK sent out legal notices to Kodi users warning them of jail time. 


It’s not too different for sellers or app developers too. In August 2019, the Department of Justice shut down two IPTV streaming apps and 8-people were charged with violation of Federal Copyright Law. 

Omar has a different version though. According to him, he found a breakthrough idea, sought legal counsel on it, and proceeded with it, only when he was advised that it was completely legal. In his terms, this was a ‘loophole’.  That’s the story that he’s maintained all along. That’s exactly what his lawyer, ‘Donte Mills’ of ‘Mills and Edwards’ says as well. 

In his own words, ‘You need electricity. You need gas for survival. But that $300 cable bill is extortion. I decided to end the monopoly of cable companies and they couldn’t do anything about it.

To give the guy his due credit, he was able to run the service for over three years until it became one of the most popular IPTV streaming services in the world. 

This is where his revenue skyrocketed. From $5000 a week, it kept growing and growing. Before long, he was clocking $400,000 a week. Within 12-months of starting Gears Unloaded, he hit $1-million in revenue. 

2017-18 according to him were huge. In his words, he went from ‘couple of hundred ‘bands’ a week’ to seeing ‘too many millions’. 


How did he make millions with an app?

That’s the big question that most people want the answer to. Can you really make a $50-million fortune by selling a pirated content app? Absolutely.  

Let’s try to analyze the possible reasons why he could have made that kind of money. 

  1. It was 2016. Those were the early days of mobile content piracy. Smartphones were invading homes around the world. Internet services were getting faster and better. Fully loaded Kodi boxes were selling like hotcakes. The government was still twiddling their thumbs trying to figure out who was using a service to watch licensed content and illegally streamed content. In a nutshell, it was very easy to get away with a pirated IPTV streaming service. The demand was definitely there. 
  2. It was a recurring subscription model. Despite the fact that Gears Unloaded was designed as an affordable alternative to expensive streaming services and cable TV, Omar charged every subscriber $15/month for unabridged access to all channels and pay-per-view content. Any businessman will tell you that a recurring subscription model is the most profitable one. In this case, all that Omi had to do was rip content and upload it. There’s zero investment. He had a brief foray into developing mobile apps too. So he had a fair idea of what he had to do. 
  3. He probably allowed reselling the app for a commission. One of the things that he mentions in that interview to ‘Say Cheese’ is that he sold the app to groups of 30-40 people and then they had to shell out a share of whatever they did with that app. That sounds like a pyramid selling model. No matter how many copies of the app are resold, Omi gets a share of the pie. If the initial group resell it to a larger group of say, 100 people and they resell it further, then it grows just exponentially. 
  4. SET TV Now, an IPTV provider that was shut down in 2019, had a very similar subscription service priced at $20 a month. In the federal ruling, the judge mentioned that at the time of the shutdown, they had 180,398 subscribers. If you do the math, that’s approximately $3.6-million a month. Very close to $45-million a year. We have no idea of how many subscribers Omi in a Hellcat had. But it goes to show how you can build a $50-million fortune. 

The investments

With the funds that he generated from Gears Unloaded, Omar ventured into real estate, construction and the hospitality business. He currently owns a restaurant, two night clubs called Philly-21 and Unicas & a mansion in Woolwich Township, New Jersey.

These are the investments that we know of. 

Omi in a Hellcat 

When his income skyrocketed, his lifestyle became flamboyant as well. He was living the dream. He bought luxury cars. 30 of them to be precise including three Lamborghinis, three Jeeps, an Audi and a bunch of Dodges. He had a mansion. He had friends. They drove around in Harleys and cars, chilling or spending a truckload of money. What better place for this than YouTube? 

In February 2016, he started a YouTube channel and called it ‘Omi in a Hellcat’. It was primarily a Vlog where he showcased his daily routine. It was more or less a digital reality show.

There’s a video of him buying $300K worth of diamonds. There’s another one where he pays his security $400K in cash. In one of them, he tears his nightclub apart. When he wasn’t busy flaunting a ridiculous amount of money, he would create motivational videos where he spoke about chasing your dreams and moving ahead one step at a time. 

In a span of two years, Omi in a Hellcat’s channel skyrocketed. At the time of writing this, he has 758K subscribers. When he was raided by the feds, it stood just over 500K. That’s a 250K growth in just over a year. That’s just insane. 


Even after he was raided, he’s not stopped making videos. He’s posted numerous videos where he feigns innocence. 

How much money does he make now? 

Omi in a hellcat claims that he’s broke and cannot pay his 30-odd employees. In the raid that lasted 5-6-hours, the Feds placed a lien on all his properties. His bank accounts were frozen. More than 30-cars were confiscated. He claims they took $5.2 million in cash and jewelry. 

Three months later, he posted a video buying a new hellcat, which was kind of strange. 

But since then, it’s been a downward slide for Omi and nothing’s strange anymore. His behavior has gone from weird to full-blown erratic at times. Some of his fans suspect that he might be suffering from mental health problems. His physical condition is not great. He’s overweight and in one of his videos, gets hospitalized. In a recent interview, he blamed Comcast for colluding with the feds to bring him down, because they couldn’t do it themselves, as he never broke any laws. 

So what case do the feds actually have him for? Tax Evasion! If history tells us anything, it’s that you’ve got to pay your taxes folks. Capone learnt that the hard way. You can make your millions and flaunt it all you want to. But if you don’t pay your taxes, Uncle Sam’s going to take you down. 

But all might not be lost for Omi. His channel continues to grow faster than most channels do. He claimed that he was earning over $50000 a month from YouTube. We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more than that. Because there are multiple revenue streams that you can tap into with those numbers. There are ads, there’s YouTube red, Google Preferred and paid sponsorships. 

We have no clue what direction the case will take. But irrespective of that, Omi in a Hellcat has earned the respect of his fans who consider him a motivation. Don’t believe us? Just head to his channel and read the comments. 

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