Your Bathroom Break Just Got Strange

a eerie looking long hallway with toilet at the end

Strange Restrooms & Toilets

a bathroom decorated with toilet paper on every inch of the wall

These bathrooms are some of the creepiest places you’ve ever seen. I don’t think I could poo in comfort in any of these surroundings. Check out some strange bathrooms below and decide for yourself:

a toilet surrounded by land line phone, computer and a fax

toilet over a floor designed with multiple people reaching up to you

bathroom with a black and white tiled floor that looks like an optical illusion

a bathroom that has a trippy disco ball inspired tiling on the wall and floor

toilet on the side of a bridge that is rusted out

toilet made to look like the drummer from metallica

a toilet facing rows of auditorium seating

a urinal that has molded on arms

this toilet has a microscope over it

A floating toilet over a floor that looks caved in

a portable restroom at the top of a long ladder higher than most trees and positioned in the woods

a wicker toilet that looks uncomfortable to sit on

a urinal positioned high up the wall and rocks you can climb to reach it

a peaceful toilet location where the toilet faces an outdoor beautiful landscape with mountains a blue sky and fluffy clouds

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